my name's kelli and i like ryuko, jace, and butts
Anonymous asked: 2, 54, 24

2. Motivating myself
24. I’ll love you if you make me food and rub my back or play with my hair
54. Turn ons: arms, very nice arms. Nice and toned oh man heck yes. Boys who can use their hands correctly and lips. Eyebrow game, jaw lines and collarbones heck yeah

Anonymous asked: 32, 36

32. He’s very adorable!! He has really nice blue eyes and light brown hair that I wanna touch and he plays sports like baseball and football. He has a super nice body from working out and sports and stuff 😳. He’s also super smart and likes to debate and his favorite color is sky blue.
36. Olivia, Jace and Kyra


when ur entire class didnt do the homeworkimage

I should make a comic about me trying to eat bread

But I am a little lazy so maybe tomorrow

I must eat toast right now

Why do people who are not Hindu wear bindi’s without them knowing what they stand for